About Vrouwen aan het werk - VAHW


Each person is unique, talented and is like a precious diamond. By sharing knowledge and uniting forces, we can make our society better. We believe that everyone is part of society and therefore needs to be able to participate in it. The VAHW foundation works based on this idea. We are a non-profit organization with a social objective, trying our best to provide an opportunity to talented people, job seekers, to strengthen them personally and professionally. For this reason, we have developed innovative programs in collaboration with business and public organizations. In these programs, we assist talented motivated people in their own development in various areas aimed at finding their place in the labour market.

Our mission

Our mission is to boost the economic independence and self-reliance of talented job seekers, women, youth and immigrants. We provide this by offering innovative programs, which cover education, professional experience and personal coaching. In this way everyone can develop optimally.

Our vision

In our view, an intensive Dutch language course, short professional training and development of personal and social skills are an ideal way to shorten the distance to the labour market. To achieve this goal, we use a wide business network. We work on talent development together with DWI (Service Work and Income) in Amsterdam and businesses all around The Netherlands


Towards the end of 2010, a group of work searching women met to attend a computer (ICT) skills course at IBM. The group consisted mostly of migrants who had not managed to find jobs before for various reasons. It soon turned out that the course went well beyond computer science. For the trainer, Rosanna Nazir, it was also important to let the women develop their social skills, precisely in the areas they would benefit from when job searching.
Rosanna Nazir developed a special program together with Benno Gerritse and Alexandra Ksenofontova, which due to applicability was renamed VAHW (Women At Work). The aim of the program was to organize a final event so that the women could present themselves on a chosen topic.
Immediately, with the help of the teachers and other volunteers, the participants used all their newly acquired skills into practice by organising the event. The results of their efforts gave the women much self-confidence and this manifested itself in the spectacular final presentation. The ladies were awarded their certificates by Ms. Andrée Van Es, member of the executive of the city of Amsterdam responsible for, amongst others, work & income and diversity & integration.


After this skills course final event, the women felt so much empowered that they liked to offer and share the opportunity and experience to and with other women. In order to make it possible, it was necessary to establish a foundation. Thus, the Women At Work Foundation was established on 20 July 2011.
The first project of VAHW is World Smart College (WSC). This concept offers the talented job seekers to expand the opportunity in the labor market through an innovative training program.

The first performance of WSC was from 11 November 2011 to 15 June 2012. In addition to a generic part, participants followed the basic ICT training, project management or event management. The group of participants completed the course with a successful event where 33 participants were awarded a certificate.
During the first edition of WSC the participants built up a website by themselves where they expressed their own experience. An extension of the concept of WSC, which is formed as World Smart College Taal (Language), is a big success. Now, VAHW has founded a World Social Event Company as well. Companies can hire VA HW to organize their events particularly in the social corporate business.


The VAHW Foundation is running only with the volunteers till to date. These volunteers are enthusiastic and professional who recognize themselves in the mission of the Foundation. Anyone who values our vision is welcome to log on to the Foundation in his own way to contribute to our goal.

If you would like to support us with your time, experience and knowledge, please fill out our contact form.